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When you repent, you acknowledge your wrongdoing and take responsibility for your actions. This can lead to a sense of remorse and guilt, but also to a desire to make things right and seek forgiveness from YAHOWA.

– Potential Outcomes of Repentance

Here are some of the potential outcomes of repentance:

  1. Forgiveness: Repentance can lead to forgiveness from ELOHIM and from those we have wronged. When we acknowledge our mistakes and take steps to make things right, we can receive forgiveness and move forward.
  2. Healing: Repentance can also bring about healing, both for ourselves and for others. When we make amends and seek forgiveness from YAHOWA, we can restore our relationship with HIM and build trust.
  3. Personal growth: Repentance can be a powerful catalyst for personal growth, spiritual growth and transformation. When we commit to changing our behavior and making things right, we can develop new healthy habits in the realm of the spirit and become better versions of ourselves in the natural.
  4. Peace: Finally, repentance can bring a sense of peace that passes all understanding and closure. When we have done all we can to make things right and seek forgiveness from YAHOWA, we can let go of our guilt and move forward with a sense of peace and acceptance.

Overall, the act of repentance is a powerful and trans-formative process that can lead to forgiveness, healing, spiritual growth, personal growth, righteousness, peace and joy in the HOLY GHOST.

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